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“90 Two” by Dastan Khalili: A Revolution in Poetry

In the world of literature, innovation is a rare gem. It is even rarer in the realm of poetry, where tradition often takes precedence. However, poet Dastan Khalili has dared to challenge the status quo with his groundbreaking book, “90 Two”.


Introducing DiaVerse

“90 Two” introduces readers to DiaVerse, a novel style of poetry where each stanza is restricted to a maximum of two words. The term DiaVerse is a portmanteau of ‘dia’, meaning ‘two’, and ‘verse’, denoting the poetic rhyme. This unique style breathes new life into poetry, pushing poets to express their thoughts in their purest form.

The book is a collection of ninety DiaVerse poems penned by Khalili over the last five years. Each poem is a testament to the power of brevity, demonstrating how profound expressions can be encapsulated in just two words.

A Fusion of Poetry and Art

What sets “90 Two” apart is its fusion of poetry with digital artwork and imagery. Each poem is paired with a piece of digital art that reflects the inspiration behind the verse. This combination of words and visuals creates a multi-sensory experience for the reader, making each poem a journey of discovery.

The Journey of the Poet

Dastan Khalili’s journey as a poet adds depth to his work. As a child, he was introduced to the works of Persian master poets such as Rumi, Hafez, and Saadi by his father. He began writing his own poetry at the tender age of ten, immersing himself in the world of verse.

Despite his deep-rooted love for poetry, Khalili felt he lacked a unique voice. This changed when he created DiaVerse. With this innovative style, he found a way to share his unique poetic vision with the world, carving a niche for himself among the greatest poets of our time.

A Must-Have Addition to Your Poetry Collection

Whether you're seeking inspiration, a moment of solace, or simply appreciate the beauty of poetic expression, "90 Two: A Collection of DiaVerse Poems" is a must-have addition to your library. This extraordinary collection intertwines the art of words with stunning visuals, creating a truly immersive and unforgettable reading experience.

Embrace the magic of Khalili's DiaVerse poems and embark on an enchanting journey of self-discovery, reflection, and contemplation. With "90 Two," you'll find yourself returning to these captivating verses time and time again.


“90 Two” is more than just a book of poems. It is a revolution in the world of poetry, challenging traditional norms and offering readers a fresh and engaging experience. Dastan Khalili’s innovative DiaVerse style, combined with his personal journey and the integration of digital art, makes this book a must-read for all poetry enthusiasts.

In the words of Khalili himself, “Poetry has permeated my life, both in writing it and in study.” With “90 Two”, he invites readers to join him on this journey, to explore the power of words, and to experience the beauty of DiaVerse. This is not just a book; it is a legacy.

About the Author

Dastan Khalili is a poet who takes inspiration from the rich tradition of Persian master poets. Growing up, Khalili immersed himself in the works of renowned poets such as Rumi, Hafez, and Omar Khayyam. Their verses resonated deeply with him, stirring his passion for poetry and awakening his desire to contribute something unique to the literary world.

What sets Khalili and his poetry apart is his ability to seamlessly blend the ancient and the contemporary. He pays homage to the traditional Persian masters while infusing his work with a fresh perspective, making it accessible and relatable to a wide audience. Khalili's poetry transcends cultural boundaries, touching the hearts and minds of readers from diverse backgrounds.

Dastan Khalili, influenced by Persian master poets, created DiaVerse as a platform to share his unique style of poetry. By blending traditional and contemporary elements, Khalili invites readers on a poetic journey that transcends cultural boundaries.

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01 February 2024

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