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Why is this program essential for me now? In today’s digital age, media coverage is crucial for authors. A study by the Institute for PR reveals that potential buyers explore multiple online sources before making a purchase. Hence, featuring in various news outlets can enhance your visibility, fortify your brand, and boost your sales.

Attempting to do this independently could consume hundreds of hours with no guarantee of responses to your pitches. Hiring a PR agency typically involves a retainer of $3-5K per month with a 3-month minimum commitment, amounting to $9-15K without any assured results!

Our Exclusive PR Program offers a solution. We conduct an interview with you and share it with 3,000 media outlets including NBC, FOX, USA Today affiliates, and more. We handle all the work, saving you time, money, and effort while providing a detailed coverage report.


How can you guarantee media coverage for my book? We’ve established special partnerships with major global news sites. Your interview will be dispatched to 3,000 media outlets across online, local, regional, national, international, and industry platforms. You’ll have the opportunity to reach millions through major news sites such as NBC, CBS, FOX, and USA Today affiliates. Our customer satisfaction guarantee backs you up!


What if I’m camera-shy? No problem! Our program focuses on featuring you on online news sites in written format. So there’s no need to be on camera. However, this could lead to additional interview requests for television, radio, or podcasts - it’s entirely up to you whether you’d like to accept these or not.


Why can’t I just publish the story myself? While you could attempt this, public relations can be time-consuming and costly. It might take months or even years to connect with journalists individually. Moreover, they might not agree to share your story immediately. Journalists seek compelling stories or insightful trends that will captivate their readers and impress their editors.

We created this program in response to authors who were frustrated and overwhelmed with the lack of results and responses. Our program aims to save you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars.


How will media coverage aid my book promotion? Did you know that top-tier media coverage can increase your brand awareness by 84%, Google search ranking by 71%, authority by 68%, and referral traffic by 53%? Media coverage can help your book stand out from the competition and is one of the best ways to establish credibility and authority in your industry.


What time commitment is required from me? We only require you to answer the interview questions we provide in a written format. After that, we’ll handle everything else! You will receive all the necessary information.

Attain Assured Media Exposure in Prestigious News Channels

Your 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


When you invest in this program, and indeed in your own potential, you are backed by a lifetime guarantee. This signifies our commitment to work alongside you until you achieve the desired media coverage.

Secure Processing


Your orders are handled via a secure, 256-bit encrypted payment gateway, ensuring the utmost protection of your privacy.

Guaranteed Placement


Secure a guaranteed spot on the 5 Minutes Media website, a platform that promises to amplify your reach. Your interview and press release will be posted indefinitely, ensuring continuous visibility and audience engagement.

More Success Stories...

“The team at Truman Press crafted an exceptional press release for my book, leading to its widespread online presence. Moreover, I’ve noticed a significant rise in my book’s ranking on!” - Omra W.

“I extend my heartfelt gratitude for the diligent efforts put forth by your team on my book’s PR initiatives. The meticulous attention and kindness your team demonstrated while handling the press releases is truly commendable.” -

Dr. Manelyn

“The program is an investment that pays off, guiding you on your journey. I was thoroughly impressed by the high-quality copy provided by the Truman Press team. They are not only professional but also a delight to collaborate with!” -

Dawny T.

“This program has undeniably amplified the reach of my message, attracting both media attention and public interest.” - Recky P.

“My wife and I were privileged to be interviewed on ‘100 Huntley Street’, the longest-running daily television show in Canada.” -

Bryan B.

“Having no prior experience in this field, I chose to enlist the help of professionals. This decision has propelled my book to platforms I could never have reached on my own. The team also crafted an outstanding press release!” -

Sheryl S.

Unlock Exceptional Benefits When You Sign Up!


Our program is meticulously designed to provide dedicated media coverage for you and your book in a straightforward, cost-effective manner.

No prior media experience is required to participate in this program.

Dedicated Support ($397 Value): Experience seamless assistance! Through the program, you will receive up to 3 months of dedicated support from our team. This includes priority email support to ensure your queries are addressed promptly and efficiently.

Dedicated Coverage Report ($897 Value): Stay informed! We will equip you with an exhaustive coverage report showcasing every news outlet that featured your interview. You’ll know the exact platforms that published the interview and the number of views it garnered.

Hyper-Targeted Syndication ($997 Value): Forge connections! Your interview will be shared with industry-specific trade magazines, reporters, and bloggers, reaching professional journalists worldwide via 5 Minutes Media.

Worldwide Distribution ($1,597 Value): Expand your horizons! Your interview will be dispatched to 3,000 news outlets with a combined monthly readership of 100 million readers. Take pride in announcing that your book was featured by esteemed networks like NBC, CBS, FOX, and USA Today affiliates.

Search Engine Optimization ($997 Value): Boost your visibility! Your interview will be indexed on major search engines such as Google and Bing, complete with search-optimized titles and meta tags. This will enhance your discoverability among readers and literary professionals.

A Written Interview about You and Your Book ($1297 Value): Craft your narrative the right way! You will be spotlighted in a dedicated written interview about you and your book.

“Empower Your Reach with Us!


Get featured in high-profile news outlets that attract over 100 million visitors each month. This exposure not only brings quality readers to your work but also establishes your authority in the literary world. Let’s make your voice heard!”

We’re proud to have assisted more than 1,900 authors on their journey to success.

Here are some of their experiences and testimonials about collaborating with us…

“Your program ignited the market spark that significantly boosted my book sales and elevated the visibility of my consulting work. As someone with a PR background, I’m genuinely impressed. The press work you delivered was top-notch.” - Kelly S.

“The value offered by this package was simply irresistible. It has effectively amplified the reach of my book and furnished me with the credentials I needed for bookstore signings. Despite my 40-hour work week, this program has accomplished what I had little to no time to do on my own.” - Brody R.

“Regardless of the media professionals I reached out to, whether they were in charge of websites, newspapers, magazines, or online outlets, I often faced resistance or was outright ignored. If you’ve been striving to promote yourself independently for months or even years, rest assured that for the first time in your writing career, you now have a team of experts championing your cause.” - Rey B.


Reach thousands of journalists with guaranteed media coverage
Gain instant trust and visibility by getting featured on major global news sites. We will have your news sent to 3,000 media outlets including the NBC, CBS, FOX, USA Today affiliates and more! Plus, enjoy the added advantage of having your interview featured with 5 Minutes Media.

Are you an author seeking global recognition? Imagine your book being featured on major global news platforms like NBC, CBS, FOX, and USA Today affiliates!


Our Exclusive PR Program is meticulously crafted to launch your book into the spotlight. We ensure it reaches thousands of journalists and secures guaranteed media coverage.


Experience the thrill of instant recognition and credibility as your work gets featured on over 3,000 media outlets. Plus, enjoy the added advantage of having your interview featured with 5 Minutes Media. This could be the game-changer you’ve been waiting for!


Don’t wait for success to find you. Take the first step towards becoming a globally recognized author. Join our Exclusive PR Program today and let us catapult your book into the limelight!

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