Truman Press is innovative because it provides authors with personalized services to help them get their books out into the world, including marketing services to give their work the exposure it needs and deserves. With the help of the Truman Press team, authors can reach a wider audience and maximize their publishing and marketing efforts. Truman Press also offers comprehensive support throughout the entire publishing process, helping authors to make sure their books are released to the highest standards.




Truman Press is supportive because they provide authors with a team of knowledgeable professionals who are dedicated to helping them achieve their publishing and marketing goals. With their expertise and services, they can help authors get the most exposure possible for their book and make sure it reaches its intended audience. They understand the hard work and dedication that goes into creating a book, and their mission is to help authors make their book a success.




Truman Press is professional because of our dedication to helping authors get their books seen by a wider audience. Our team of experienced professionals have an in-depth knowledge of the publishing and marketing processes, so we are able to help authors reach the readers who will be most interested in their work. We strive to create a supportive environment for our authors, providing them with the resources and guidance necessary to successfully publish and promote their books. As a result, Truman Press has become a trusted source for authors looking to maximize the potential of their work.




Truman Press is expansive because it provides authors with a comprehensive suite of services to help bring their books to life. From the initial editing and design stages, all the way to book marketing and sales strategies, Truman Press is dedicated to helping authors achieve their publishing goals. We provide authors with the tools and guidance to ensure that their work reaches its full potential. Our team of professionals has a wealth of knowledge and experience that is invaluable in the publishing world, and by leveraging our resources, authors can be sure that their book will have the best chance of success.


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What is Truman Press?


Truman Press is a book publication and marketing company dedicated to helping authors reach a wider audience. Our team of professionals are well-versed in the publishing and marketing processes and have the expertise to help you get your book out into the world. With our services, we ensure more exposure for your book, helping you connect with potential readers and giving your work the attention it deserves.


Mission Statement:


Our mission is to empower authors to bring their work to life and reach a larger audience by providing personalized services and expertise in publishing and marketing. We are committed to helping our clients effectively share their stories, making them accessible to readers, audience around the globe.


Vision Statement:


At Truman Press, we strive to be the premier book publication and marketing company, providing authors with the resources and expertise they need to share their stories with the world.

About us

Welcome to Truman Press - the home of cinematic innovation.


Our team is a dynamic fusion of industry-leading producers, ingenious entrepreneurs, visionary artists, innovative programmers, seasoned publicists, astute analysts, adept lawyers, and meticulous accountants. We are bound by two shared passions: a fervent love for cinema, arts, and creativity, and the deep, visceral joy we experience in witnessing people's dreams come to fruition.


We are fervently committed to refining our services, enhancing visibility for projects, and appraising fresh ideas. The work we do is not just a job - it's a labor of love. We provide a launchpad for creative minds, offering them the opportunity to transform their visions into reality. The magic lies in the journey from conception to realization.


As specialists in the film industry, we bridge the gap between groundbreaking ideas and major Hollywood film studios. Columbia, Warner Bros, Walt Disney, Universal, 20th Century Fox, Paramount, and many others are always eager to hear what we have to offer. With a weekly influx of hundreds of plot summaries from writers, authors, directors, producers, and everyday people with extraordinary ideas, we have become a fountainhead of creativity in the industry.


Our role is not only to provide a platform for these ideas but also to leverage our influence to ensure our clients receive the greatest return on their creativity. At Truman Press, we turn great concepts into cinematic gold.

Why Choose Us?

PLEASE NOTE: It is our policy not to accept any creative material via mail unless requested by the Company , including but not limited to:



*Production Ideas

*Trailers, Teasers, Show Reels

*Other media


All creative material should be submitted through our agent's assigned as point of contact when requested. Unless requested by one of our agents, all such material shall be discarded. Truman Press shall not be liable for the confidentiality of any material submitted outside our online submission process.


Our service is 100% online based and is accessible to people of all nationalities around the world. To be informed of our workshop and seminar times and locations, please sign up to our free newsletter service.