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The US Review

Are you an author struggling to get your masterpiece the recognition it deserves? Or perhaps a reader, is tired of wading through irrelevant ads and content, just to discover a new book to dive into?


It can be incredibly disheartening for authors to pour their heart and soul into creating a novel, only for it to disappear in the overcrowded literary market. Moreover, passionate readers often find their search for a new, exciting read to be a constant battle against flashy, irrelevant advertisements.


Enter The US Review of Books - a unique platform that connects authors and readers, providing much-needed exposure for new books without any distracting advertisements. The comprehensive and professional book reviews are delivered directly to over 21,745 subscribers' inboxes every month. For authors, we offer additional exposure by promoting your book review across multiple websites and social media platforms. Join the US Review of Books community today and begin your hassle-free literary journey.

$ 340,000 

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The US Review of Books is a distinguished publication that bridges the gap between authors and professional book reviewers, showcasing their book reviews to an extensive audience of over 21,745 subscribers. Our free monthly newsletter delivers a vibrant mix of fiction and nonfiction book reviews, offering a unique platform for authors and publishers to gain exposure and recognition.


What sets the US Review apart from other similar publications is its zero-tolerance policy for advertising. We believe that ads, especially those that are flashy or noisy, can be a significant distraction for our readers who are here for one purpose - to explore and discover books. Therefore, whether it's in our articles, blog, or editorial, our clean and clutter-free presentation is exclusively centered on books and correlated content.


With the US Review of Books, readers find easy access to their next literary adventure. We are dedicated to delivering a refined reading experience, free from the hullabaloo of unnecessary advertisements. As a result, each page of our publication is packed with insightful content that directly benefits our readers and subscribers.


The Truman Press further enhances the value of our service by offering additional opportunities to increase the exposure of the released review. Once the review is published in the US Review, it is shared on our website, 5 Minutes Media's website, and across our social media platforms, ensuring maximum reach and visibility.


In conclusion, the US Review of Books is more than just a publication. It's a thriving community of book lovers, authors, and publishers. Our solid commitment to providing quality content and supporting the literary community is testified by numerous author and publisher testimonials about the USR. It's a place where your book can truly make its mark!


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13 August 2023