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“Dark Obsessions” - A Must-Read for Everyone

In the realm of literature, every so often, a book comes along that captivates the reader’s imagination, transporting them into a world beyond their own. One such book is “Dark Obsessions,” an engaging tale that delves into the supernatural, penned by the talented Delphine McClelland.



A Story Like No Other


“Dark Obsessions” is not your typical story. It’s a journey into a world where the supernatural is real, where vampires are not just creatures of myth but entities that exist in the shadows of our world. The protagonist, Skylar Montgomery, a socialite from Charlotte, North Carolina, finds her world turned upside down when her fascination with the supernatural becomes her reality.


An Award-Winning Tale


“Dark Obsessions” is not just a compelling story; it’s an award-winning one. The book has been recognized as the Winner in the Romance Paranormal/Supernatural category of The 2022 American Fiction Awards, a testament to its captivating narrative and unique storyline.

Dark Obsessions as well was placed third in two American Bookfest award categories winning in the categories of Fiction/Fantasy/Dark as well as Fiction/Fantasy/Paranormal & Urban


Why You Should Read “Dark Obsessions”


“Dark Obsessions” is more than just a book; it’s an experience. It’s a journey into a world where the supernatural is real, where the line between fantasy and reality blurs. It’s a tale that will captivate you, intrigue you, and leave you wanting more.

Dark Obsessions: A Supernatural Romance Novel

Discover the captivating world of vampires and forbidden love in Delphine McClelland's Dark Obsessions. Follow Skylar, a socialite with a secret obsession for the supernatural, as her life takes an unexpected turn when she meets Kairo, a mysterious and alluring vampire. This thrilling romance novel explores themes of power, identity, and the lengths we'll go for love.


A Tale of Forbidden Love


Welcome to the enchanting world of "A Tale of Forbidden Love." This captivating story follows Skylar, a Montgomery socialite, as she embarks on a journey beyond her wealthy upbringing in search of a life filled with adventure and passion. Her fascination with vampires leads her to a serendipitous encounter with Kairo, an intriguing and alluring vampire. As their worlds collide, a chain of events is set in motion, forever changing the course of their lives.


A Life Beyond Wealth


Skylar, a young socialite from the prominent Montgomery family, seemingly has it all - beauty, wealth, and social status. However, deep within her heart, she yearns for something more meaningful and fulfilling. Despite the comfort and indulgence that her affluent lifestyle provides, it fails to satisfy her longing for true excitement and purpose.

Determined to break free from the confines of her privileged existence, Skylar dreams of a life beyond the constrained world of societal expectations. She craves an existence filled with thrilling experiences and unconventional love, completely different from the predictable path laid out for her.


An Unforeseen Encounter


A chance encounter with Kairo, a mesmerizing vampire, marks the beginning of Skylar's extraordinary journey. Drawn to the mysterious allure of the night and captivated by tales of vampires, Skylar's obsession leads her to seek out the supernatural. Little does she know that her search will lead her straight into the arms of Kairo.

Kairo, possessing an otherworldly charm and an irresistible aura, represents everything Skylar desires - danger, forbidden love, and the excitement she craves. As they meet, their connection is instantaneous, setting sparks flying and awakening an insatiable longing within Skylar.


Colliding Worlds


The collision of Skylar's privileged socialite world and Kairo's clandestine vampire existence creates a whirlwind of emotions and challenges. As they navigate the complexities of their forbidden love, they become intertwined in a web of secrecy, danger, and desire.

Skylar's decision to pursue a life beyond her wealthy upbringing becomes even more complicated as she immerses herself in a world where societal norms are turned upside down. The contrasting worlds of opulence and darkness collide, presenting Skylar with choices that will shape not only her destiny but also the lives of those around her.


Forever Altered Lives


The chain of events set in motion by Skylar and Kairo's meeting will have lasting consequences for both individuals. Their forbidden love challenges their own beliefs, forces them to confront their deepest fears, and exposes them to a world they never knew existed.

As Skylar's heart and soul become entangled with Kairo's, she discovers a newfound brave spirit and resilience within herself. Together, they embark on a tumultuous journey filled with sacrifice, loyalty, and a battle against the barriers that try to keep them apart.

"A Tale of Forbidden Love" is an epic saga that delves into the complexities of love, desire, and the power of personal choice. Join Skylar and Kairo as they defy the odds, challenge societal norms, and ultimately shape their own destinies. Prepare yourself for a breathtaking adventure that will leave you longing for love that knows no boundaries.


Unveiling a Hidden World

Kairo, a vampire on the run, seeks refuge in Charlotte, North Carolina


In the heart of the South, amidst the city lights and bustling streets of Charlotte, hides a world unknown to most. It is a world where creatures of the night roam freely, where supernatural beings thrive in the shadows. And amidst this hidden world, a vampire named Kairo found solace and refuge.

Kairo, a vampire of mysterious origins, had been on the run for what seemed like an eternity. He had spent countless years evading the Council of Truth Seekers, a powerful organization that sought to control and exterminate all supernatural beings. But when he arrived in Charlotte, everything changed.


The city's vibrant energy and freedom from the Council of Truth Seekers entices him


Charlotte, with its vibrant energy and thriving nightlife, offered Kairo a sense of freedom he had longed for. Unlike other cities, Charlotte had managed to loosen the grip of the Council of Truth Seekers over its supernatural community. This newfound freedom enticed Kairo, drawing him in with promises of safety and anonymity.

The city's thriving underground scene was a haven for supernatural beings, each with their own unique powers and abilities. Kairo found himself drawn to this hidden society, intrigued by the diverse and powerful individuals that inhabited it. For the first time in centuries, he felt a glimmer of hope and a sense of belonging.


As Kairo delves deeper into Charlotte's supernatural underbelly, he discovers a source of power unlike anything he's ever known.


As Kairo delved deeper into Charlotte's supernatural underbelly, he uncovered a secret that would forever change the course of his existence. He discovered a hidden source of power, one that surpassed anything he had ever known.

Within the depths of Charlotte's hidden world, Kairo found individuals with extraordinary abilities and connections to untapped sources of energy. They held the key to a power that could rival even the Council of Truth Seekers. With each revelation, Kairo's own powers grew stronger, and he became a force to be reckoned with.

The discoveries he made in Charlotte not only offered him protection but also gave him the opportunity to fight back against his oppressors. With newfound allies by his side, Kairo began to forge a path of resistance against the Council of Truth Seekers, vowing to protect his newfound freedom and the city that had embraced him.

Unveiling a Hidden World is a thrilling tale of survival, redemption, and the power of embracing one's true nature. Join Kairo on his journey as he navigates the treacherous supernatural landscape of Charlotte and uncovers the secrets that lie within.

Author's Journey and Inspiration

Delphine McClelland, a North Carolina native, has always had a deep passion for storytelling. From a young age, she found solace and excitement within the pages of books, losing herself in the boundless worlds created by talented authors. It was through these stories that Delphine discovered the power of her words and her own desire to craft captivating narratives.

However, it wasn't until she embarked on her academic journey and pursued a degree in anthropology that the seeds of her debut novel, Dark Obsessions, began to take shape. Delphine's background in anthropology not only provided her with a unique perspective on human behavior but also added depth and authenticity to the supernatural elements of her storytelling. Through her studies, she uncovered fascinating cultural beliefs and rituals that inspired and informed the supernatural aspects of her writing.

Dark Obsessions, Delphine's debut novel, is the culmination of her love for reading and her fervent desire to create her own captivating world. It is a thrilling exploration of human desires, dark obsessions, and the blurred lines between reality and fantasy. Drawing inspiration from her personal experiences, passions, and the diverse characters she encountered throughout her lifetime, Delphine weaves a tale that enthralls readers from start to finish.

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