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Press Release
Angelic Messenger: A Man's Quest to Become an Angel of God by Shawn E Lange

Truman Press is proud to announce the release of the award-winning manuscript, Angelic Messenger: A Man's Quest to Become an Angel of God, by Shawn E Lange. Lange's epic first-person testimony has been recognized with honorable mentions in New York, Los Angeles, New England, and London book contests.

Set in the historic landmark of Jungle Prada in St. Petersburg, Florida, this compelling story is based on real events and offers a unique perspective on the battle of principalities, a war between good and evil over one young man's soul.

From the savage abuse of Lange's family to his dramatic near-death experiences, and ultimate redemption, Lange's tale is a religious quest that is both inspirational and supernatural.


Why Read Angelic Messenger?

  • Unique Narrative: Lange's story is told through his unique voice and perspective. His writings are induced by visions, allowing him to transcribe events taking place before his very eyes.

  • Supernatural Elements: The book delves into parallel universes, rogue angels, and battles between Jesus and His Angels of Light.

  • Inspirational Journey: Lange's journey from abuse and near-death experiences to ultimate redemption offers hope and inspiration to readers.

  • Real Events: Based on real events, the story provides an authentic glimpse into Lange's extraordinary journey.


The theme of the book resonates with readers, contributing to the overall appeal of the book. Lange's struggles to control his God-given gift of additional supernatural senses, his battles with chaotic forces, and his growth in knowledge are all elements that will captivate readers.


Angelic Messenger: A Man's Quest to Become an Angel of God is not just a book; it's an experience that will leave readers with a new perspective on the world and the unseen battles that take place around us. It is a potential contender for the next must-read title and a worthy addition to any reading list.


For more information about the book or to arrange interviews with the author, please contact Truman Press.

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08 July 2024

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