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Truman Press Presents: 
"My Spiritual Journey" by LaPrele P. Jordan

Attention bookstore owners!

Truman Press is thrilled to introduce a unique and compelling book that deserves a special place on your shelves. The book, "My Spiritual Journey" by LaPrele P. Jordan, is a profound exploration of faith, integrity, and the quest for truth. It is a book that will resonate with many, and we believe it to be a must-have in your collection.

Why Should You Consider This Book?


  • Universal Appeal: The book delves into universal themes of faith, spirituality, and the pursuit of truth. It caters to a wide audience, from those questioning their faith, to those seeking inspiration and spiritual guidance.

  • Unique Perspective: The author shares her spiritual journey from being a Mormon, to being Johannine, and then returning to the Mormon faith in a different capacity. This unique perspective is not often found in spiritual literature.

  • Experienced Voice: At eighty years old, LaPrele P. Jordan brings a lifetime of experience in seeking truth and striving to follow Jesus Christ. Her wisdom and insights are invaluable.


Why Would Readers Love This Book?


  • Relatable Journey: Readers who feel that the world or their religion isn't what they expected or believed it to be will find a kindred spirit in LaPrele P. Jordan. Her journey, filled with twists and turns, is a testament to maintaining integrity in the face of uncertainty.

  • Seeking Truth: For those wondering what is real and what isn't in their spiritual journey, this book offers a candid exploration of these questions. It encourages readers to seek their own truth.

  • Inspiring Narrative: Despite her age, LaPrele P. Jordan's hope is that some part of her life's spiritual journey will help others in theirs. This inspiring narrative can offer comfort and guidance to those on their own spiritual path.


Truman Press firmly believes that "My Spiritual Journey" by LaPrele P. Jordan is a valuable addition to any bookstore. Its unique perspective, universal appeal, and the experienced voice of the author make it a book that will captivate and inspire readers. Don't miss the opportunity to enrich your collection with this remarkable spiritual journey.

08 July 2024

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